Last Quarter Photography is a celebration of the beauty of the night sky and the landscapes of Earth.

I am an astrophotographer based in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand, within the Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve. The largest of the gold rated reserves in the world. I grew up in Wellington, New Zealand, a capital city blessed with more dark skies in close proximity than most. In 2015 I moved to Tekapo to work for Earth & Sky tourism company as an astrophotographer, a job title I still find amusing. However the majority of the images that appear on this website are personal works that I have sought outside work hours unless stated otherwise.

The name Last Quarter is a reference to the phase of the moon in which I do most of my photography. When the moon reaches its last quarter phase it is half illuminated and rising later in the night, waning towards the new moon when it is between the sun and earth, meaning dark skies, perfect for shooting the stars.

Chris Murphy

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